Sip & Taste, Korea at San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival to promote Korean Drinks and Food

Korean Food Cooking Class at San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival Attendees enjoying the…

Korean Food Cooking Class at San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival

Attendees enjoying the ‘Sip & Taste, Korea’ Campaign

Kyungmoon Kim, Master Sommelier showing Korean Traditional Alcohol Cocktails.

KTO (Korea Tourism organization) hosted “Sip & Taste, Korea” at the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival on November 13th.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2021 / — Korea Tourism Organization has put together various types of events and promotions to spread Korean Culture to Southern Californian residents. The most recent event KTO has held was the K-Game to JEJU at Santa Monica, where people at the pier participated to play Korean Childhood games featured in the Netflix show, Squid Game. To continue with promoting Korea Tourism at the site, KTO also partnered up with the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival.

KTO (Korea Tourism organization) hosted “Sip & Taste, Korea” at the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival on November 13th from 11 am-3 pm at Embarcadero Marina Park North. They invited gourmet food-lovers to participate in interactive Korean cooking classes, taste Korean traditional alcohol and food, and participate in giveaways.

To actively communicate with potential future tourists, the Korea Tourism Organization LA branch has experienced Korean culture through K-Food, K-Wave, K-Spirit, K-Place, and K-style campaigns. And they have been actively communicating with potential tourists to instill interest in travel. Focusing on the four characteristics of ‘diversity’, ‘vigorous’, ‘creativity’, and ‘full of interest’, it aims to make Korea a travel destination and brand it.

Kyung Moon Kim, Korea’s first Master Sommelier, gave an in-depth introduction of Korean traditional alcohol and food before the tasting (5 Sessions). He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and is an opening member of the ‘Jungsik’ restaurant in New York and Chungdam, Korea. With his insightful background, attendees had a full culinary experience. Also, many got a chance to have a 1:1 chit-chat during break time, too.

Attendees also participated in cooking classes taught by a rising LA star chef, KyungBin Min. He has successfully launched “Hanchic” to deliver vivid Korean cuisine using classic French techniques. Learning from his unique recipes, everyone made delicious dishes even at home. He introduced 2 dishes in 20 min, hosted a total of 5 sessions that day.

Last but not least, participants got a chance to win giveaway prizes. 1,000 gifts were waiting for them. The gift will include Michelin guide-Seoul, modern twisted rice beer-Makku, MakGeolLi, Easy Korean Home Meal Kit, MakGeolLi Home Brewing Kit, Seaweed Snack, etc.

During the event, there were two different classes Korean Traditional Alcohol Class and Korean Cooking Class. They were available by pre-reservation and walk-in at the venue. For more information on the event and traditional Korean cuisine, visit on Instagram.

About Master Sommelier, Kyungmoon Kim

Kyungmoon Kim discovered early on he had an exceptional palate. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Kim immersed himself in the world of wine, leveraging his natural aptitude for taste and memorization to form an extensive base of wine knowledge. Kim has garnered competition accolades including showings in the Concours National du Meilleur Sommelier en Vins de France en Corée and in the Korea International Professional Sommelier Contest.

In Seoul, Kim joined the opening team of JUNGSIK, where he spearheaded a much-lauded wine and beverage department, and later returned to New York to open a second JUNGSIK restaurant, managing operations and the beverage program that would garner 2 Michelin stars.

In 2016 Kim achieved Master Sommelier Certification by the Court of Master Sommeliers. After many years of dedication in the beverage industry, a desire to seek his heritage and learn about traditional Korean beverages grew.

He decided to explore different parts of Korea and seek sool producers that could showcase true mastery, superior quality, and a sense of place. These products have never been introduced in the U.S. market and it is Kyungmoon’s goal to make Korean soju a new and exciting category in the restaurant and bar scene.

Bio – Chef KyungBin Min bio

Born in Korea and raised in Los Angeles, Kyungbin “Justin” Min decided in high school that he wanted to be a chef. Although his parents disapproved at first, Min proved his dedication by paying his own way through Pasadena’s Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. After graduating, Min earned an externship with Patina Restaurant Group’s Orange County restaurants before returning to L.A. for a job on the line at Ray’s + Stark Bar.

Min moved on to the local Vietnamese chain Little Sister. There, he was mentored by Chef Tin Vuong, who helped him understand that running a business well is often just as important as making good food. After six years, Min left Little Sister to stage at Kato in Santa Monica then cook at Kali, The Nomad, and Little Sister again as sous chef. In 2019, he connected with fellow hospitality pros Dustin Lee and Kevin Son, and they began workshopping a modern Korean concept called hanches. With no investors, Min and his partners built hanchic out of an unassuming Koreatown strip mall. It began operating as a ghost kitchen with hanchic in the storefront for delivery and takeout orders while Min ran three to four additional brands in the kitchen space. Now with Min at the helm, hanchic is full-service, blending classic French techniques with bold Korean flavors and formats.

About Korea Tourism Organization

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is a government organization to advances tourism as a key driver for national economic growth and enhances national welfare. Its vision is a leading global organization of tourism that creates a better environment to travel. Its core values are digital innovation, industrial growth, interregional cooperation, global competitiveness, and public satisfaction.

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