Regent Taipei and Lion Travel Jointly Launched Taiwan’s First Five-Star Gourmet Tour on Train Restaurant “The Kitchen

TAIPEI, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After a year of meticulous planning, the latest Taiwan Railway Train Restaurant “The Future” was officially released in early March this year. Inspired by the luxury rail tours around the world, Lion Travel and Regent Taipei jointly collaborated with “The Future” and launched Taiwan’s first fine-dining train tour – “The Kitchen – An Extraordinary Feast”. The tour allows guests to enjoy Taiwan’s beautiful railway scenery, while tasting five-star delicacies.

Regent Taipei and Lion Travel Jointly Launched Taiwan’s First Five-Star Gourmet Tour on Train Restaurant “The Kitchen – An Extraordinary Feast”

Taiwan Railway Train Restaurant “The Future” is equipped with dining, business class, living-room, bar and preparation carriages. The specially designed train underwent thoughtful construction which required tremendous hours of testing and adjustments. “The Future” is an innovative way of tourism that is not only unprecedented in Taiwan, but also a monumental step towards the international high society. “The Future” aims to provide guests and travelers with Taiwan’s most unique and memorable dining tour.

Following the success of bringing five-star cuisines and services to various transportations, Regent Taipei joined hands with Lion Travel and launched the first luxury dining tour on Taiwan Railway Train Restaurant “The Future”. The menu features seasonal delicacies and local produces from different destinations during the train tour, each carefully crafted and delivered by Regent Taipei’s top culinary team, and elevated with a twist of Regent’s signature dishes.

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Silks Group Introduction:

Founded in 1990, Silks Hotel Group (the former FIH Regent Group) is one of the top Asia-based hotel management companies as well as the largest and most profitable hotel group listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The Group currently owns and operates the international luxury hotel Regent Taipei and five diverse hotel brands: the cultural luxury lifestyle hotel brand Silks Place; the hot spring resort Wellspring by Silks; the art and design focused boutique Silks Club; the crossover urban resort Silks X; and the midscale stylish hotel chain Just Sleep. In addition to hotel business, Silks Hotel Group also expands its footprint in the Food and Beverage and Fast-Food industry, operating restaurants in the Taiwan National Palace Museum and other renowned attractions.

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